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Clinton (Baby Clint) Pearson, formally of Pearson Louisiana Foods, was a

 second return to New Awlins, I wanted some Catfish, I proceeded to grab a Yellow Page book and found the heading CATFISH, one name was listed under this heading, SPHARS, Immediately, he got in there car and drove to the Southwest town of Des Allemandes , Louisiana to get some Catfish. Baby Clint ordered, and was awed by the taste of the food Baby Clint asked for the owner, Bill Sphar was his name, Baby Cint drilled him for over an hour, and the elderly Sphar and Cajun entrepreneur was delighted to share his story, So delighted, he invited Baby Clint to come visit him at 4:00 am, the next morning, which was his starting time to cook his GUMBO.

Baby Clint accepted the invitation and arrived at 4:00 am to begin learning the CAJUN way, the elderly Sphar showed patience, kindness, and compassion as he shared the secrets of Cajun cooking and his World Famous Gumbo.

Baby Clint returned to California, where Baby Clint quickly began looking into the possibility of opening a Cajun Restaurant. While the plans for the restaurant were submitted and approved, the Restaurant concept never came to fruition. Baby Clint can be seen at some of the largest Cajun, Catfish, and Blues & Jazz Festivals in the United States. With his favorite being Los Angeles, Taste of Soul. In addition to the Gumbo, Baby Clint serves Gator, Bayou Chicken Fingers, Catfish, Jambalaya and Red Beans with Rice. The latest item being the Creole Lobster Mac & Cheese

The Baby Clint story is still being made, As a result of Covid-19, all large events have been cancelled. Baby Clint decided to prepare his Catfish, Chicken and Shrimp Mixes and create an on-line store. In addition, Baby Clint is creating a viral Cookbook and will be adding his own Creole/Cajun Spices. 


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